Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 917: How to cannibalize a grapefruit ...

"Geisha", security envelope, magazine & Japanese paper collage on a journal page.

How to cannibalize a grapefruit.
Oh surely it has crossed your mind? 
Well it just crossed mine.
I sit here approaching Day 917 of consecutive blogposts,
and sometimes you grasp at … grapefruits!

Recently at Costco, I bought a big bag.
I live alone, so I need to get busy. 
First you need a grapefruit knife …

with a cool serrated edge.
Now for the surgery …

Skillfully cutting around each section,
making each easier to acquire.
Now you need a grapefruit spoon …
(tools of the trade)

to dig out each section with style!
But this is only half way …

The novices stop here.
But, not a grapefruit surgeon.
All the leftover pink will be removed and devoured.

Then squeezed to oblivion.
And the other half?
It's in a bowl for tomorrow!

Bon app├ętit!

A smile for Thursday …

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