Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 910: I got some Peace of Mind!

"never safe",  digital collage poster in support of the Women of Juarez

Last November I wrote a short blog (here)…
about needing "Peace of Mind".

Did you know you can buy Peace of Mind?
It's a product, a little 3 inch bottle of ...
sensory therapy to be applied to applied sparingly
to the back of the neck, temples, earlobes and
I like the inside of the wrist.


It says "breathe deeply and feel the pressure …
and tension melt away."

Originally given to me by Alicia Lopez,
newspaper editor, college journalism professor, 
former parent, student and friend. 
I like it and her a lot.

I am not an addict.
I don't use it everyday, 
just on days when there's a heavy schedule.
Instant "Peace of Mind" in a little bottle.

 I asked WonderWoman if she wanted some,
her answer was "Oh yeah!"

79 degrees in Santa Ana, CA today …

and a smile for Thursday …

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