Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 909: How long will you stand in line?

"Stamps" photography & digital collage

How long will you stand in line?
Of course it probably depends on …
the reward at the end of that wait.
But, I propose the theory ... it might depend on your age?
Monday I had a celebratory lunch with a dear friend at ...

Located in South Coast Plaza,
it is the place to be in the OC. 
No reservations. 
Long lines.
I was in line at 10:20 AM,
they open at 11 AM.
The line was soon around the restaurant and outside!
We were seated at 11:15 AM 
since we were early in line.
Otherwise, we would have given 
our phone number and 
they would have sent up shopping
and then text us fifteen minutes 
prior to seating, 
at which time we would line up 
in the "texted line".

And yes, it was that good!

Top rated by Zagat, Michelin Guide and food critics.
This "Best Chinese Restaurant" is known for small, 
delicate steamed dumplings all freshly prepared on site,
and their extensive menu.

But, I think I am almost at the age where ... 
waiting in line might not be on my radar.

A smile for Wednesday …

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