Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 906: A really great shower!

Farmgirl,  photograph & collage, digitized

Okay, yes, I took a shower today.
But that's not what I meant.
I went to a bridal shower today.
Now at my age, I have attended many.
And often, dragging my feet on the way.
But this was a stellar event!

Held in a beautiful, elegant home ...
about 25 young women and 2 adorable flower girls
were obviously there for someone they loved.
The bride-to-be is a beauty, 
but much more than that, she is genuine.

  Perfect food and beverages
topped all my previously attended showers.
Even the obligatory games were 
new, thoughtful and fun.
Opening shower gifts is always the highlight,
"ooh and aahs" with each exquisite surprise.
But for me the real highlight was the bride.

She thanked everyone.
Not the obligatory group thanks, but instead ...
a personal, individual thank you to each one, 
noting their relationship and mutual memories.
I was lucky to have known the bride's mother ... 
also an elegant, very classy lady, and
I am sure she was looking down on this day,
so proud of her wonderful daughter.
It really was a great shower.

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