Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 905: A legal lunch.

Homegirl,  photography & collage, digitized

A legal lunch?
Not really, but it was lunch with a handsome attorney!

Newport Beach, Ca 

Lucky me, Colin invited me to lunch.
We go way back.
Colin became my student at age 7.

Colin's first national competition (bronze), Pittsburgh 1984

Smart, fun, strong, athletic ... he was a natural.

USA Nationals, (first gold) New Orleans, 1985

And, we became family.

12th birthday, June 1986

Karate provided lots of travel with teammates,

Regional Championships, Portland, OR, 1987

with lots of memories,

AAU National Championships, Chicago, IL, 1987

lots of training,

Sakagami Sensei,  Demura Sensei,  Anaheim YMCA

... with Sakagami Sensei & Demura Sensei.

USA Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs,  CO, 1990

USA Jr. Team training,

(rental car), AAU National Championships, Richmond VA 1988

national competitions ...

World Jr. Championships, Budapest, Hungary, 1992

 international competitions,

 and fun.

Colin's karate training ... 32-1/2 years and counting.
Watching this happen ... priceless.

A smile for Saturday ...

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