Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 903: Eastside gang rides again!

The gang,  old photograph & digital collage

Yesterday during that perfect day with my two daughters
I mentioned that I had "Eastside" today.

Eastside is a group of 8 artists that meet ...
the second Wednesday of each month for a day together.
Each time we work on a different project.

Well, WonderWoman and Mighty Girl looked at eachother, 
and laughed hysterically, obviously on the same wavelength.
I looked to see them showing each other their version 
of the "Eastside" gang hand signal.
Amidst the laughter, WW said,
"Oh Mom you've got to take a picture of all of you like this."
They were having so much fun, 
in that way kids do when they tease a parent.
Then I pictured such a photo, and had to laugh too.
I fully intended to mention it today at Eastside, but forgot.
Maybe next time, or I'll draw it?

samples of supplies & projects with our leader, Marilyn

Today Marilyn guided us through making a journal,
using cardboard, kraft paper tape and an assortment
of papers, tapes,paints, stencils and whatever.

collage, paint, pastels, knives, markers .... whatever worked.

Held at Erin's idyllic studio, 7 out of 8 Eastsiders
played, laughed, ate and enjoyed each other.
All photos are in progress, as I had to leave early.
Check out Marilyn, Linda or Erin's blog for more.

A smile for Thursday ...

Photo: Ramona Humane Society

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