Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 898: In defense of messes and mistakes.

Day 5 of ART Challenge, 3 junk mail collage

Day 5 of the ART challenge... Austrian artist, Elenor Martin asked me to post 3 works 
from my own projects each day for 5 days, and to ask another artist to do the same. 
* Since my FB only allows me to post 1 image,  I am combining 3 into 1 image.

Today I was answering a blog comment.
(Yes, I do answer every one, but I don't get many.)
Brandon read yesterday's blog, and ...
(bless his heart ... he is definitely in the will)
saw that members in our journal class had a choice of ...

book bound or coil bound journals.
Being a smart, analytical type guy, he asked
how many chose each kind?
I answered that when asked my opinion I was neutral,
saying there are advantages to both.
The coil bound do lay perfectly flat, which is a good thing.
The book bound offers a continuous spread,
without the coil interruption in the middle.
I usually use the book bound because I do a lot of spreads.
To answer, I guesstimated 3/4 chose book bound?
Then I asked Brandon which he would have chosen?
He replied, "bound, because it seems more "artsy" to me!"
I agreed but added another advantage.
" I think the book bound journals are more permanent.
The coil bound makes it too easy to tear out.
I believe in leaving in the mistakes and messes ...
they make the other stuff look better!"
Yes, that's how my mind works! ;op
Then I realized, there's my blog for tomorrow!
Thank you Brandon.

A smile for Saturday ...

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