Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 896: Have you been to the Artic?

Day 3 of challenge, 3 junk mail collage

Day 3 of the ART challenge... Elenor Martin asked me to post 3 works 
from my own projects each day for 5 days, and to ask another artist to do the same. 
* Since my FB only allows me to post 1 image,  I am combining 3 into 1 image.

I've been watching the ARTIC!

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Connection.
I watched it being built, fascinated by the cocoon look.

pictures during construction

The structure is now complete and operational.
With a terminal, ticket booths, trains and buses.
So I went and loved what I saw.

The five restaurants are to open within this year.
Mission Market, Ritters, Alchemist ...
The Lost Bean and The Oyster Bar.

restaurant work in progress

Located across from the Honda Center ...

Honda Center ahead 

I need to come back at night, the lights look amazing.

Photo credit: Daily Deals OC

Near the Angel Stadium and 5 Freeway.

5 Freeway in foreground and Angel Stadium in distance

A 67,000 sq. feet world-class transportation center ...
serving as a hub for the Orange County region.
Now servicing Metrolink, Amtrak, OCTA bus, 
Anaheim Resort Transportation, shuttles, taxis, tour 
and charter buses with distant plans for high speed trains.

free plug in for your electric car

A fun venue to visit.

A smile for Thursday ...

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