Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 889: Happy New Year 2015!

Alliance,  paper & ink collage

Happy NewYear 2015!
I had hoped for something special,
meaningful words for this first day of 2015.
Instead, I will share a beautiful image ...

(I call it "worn heart")

I would love to claim this as my work, but
it is in fact a Citrasolv paper included in
a little gift package from Judi in Louisiana.

Another person I am grateful to have in my life.
Wouldn't you love to see this in your mailbox?

Today was the last class at the hombu dojo.
We feel it fortuitous to attend the last class of the year,
like sealing the envelope on the years training.

An idea for the new year ...

(on my to do list)

A smile for Thursday ...

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