Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 887: It's all going faster, right?

"Now",  junk mail collage

Surely it's not just me, or is it?
No. Time is definitely going by faster.
It seems to me that someone turned up the pace mid-November?

Time Flies by Duy Huynh

 As a child I remember time barely moving.
Especially when there was something special ahead.
I made it my goal to get it to happen sooner.
I don't remember that ever working.


I am working on an end of the year job for a client.
It is a difficult one. And I admit I am "dragging my feet."

66 images. Old, small blurry images to be composed
into a cohesive tale of a road trip long ago.
I do love old photos and there are some gems  ...

12 of the 66 photos to be used

... so maybe I am just holiday weary.
But, right now it feels like I am getting ready 
to climb a very high mountain, Mt. Everest, or Mauna Kea,
... depending on your point of view.
Wish me luck?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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