Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 885: Great Danes are my kryptonite!

Factfinding, digital collage

This morning WonderWoman posted a ...
Great Dane puppy video on my FB page,
saying "this one's for you."
She know's my weakness,
I love dogs, cats and all animals in general, but ...
Great Danes are my kryptonite!

I have a long time love affair with Great Danes.
They are perfect. 
Strong, gentle, wise and loyal. 
What more could you want?

My first love, Marcus Aurelius of Dun Roman!
He was a show dog, but we only did one puppy show.
We were teachers, no kids, so he was our family.

And, a protective big brother when WW was born later.
Great Danes live shorter lives, but their lives are spectacular.

Shogun @ 3 months, WonderWoman @ 4 years

Second love, and my best friend ever, was Shogun!

Shogun,2  & Erin,6 in 1979

All puppies are mischievous, right?
Great Danes take it to a new level.
Shogun pulled a seven foot newly planted tree from the ground,
and romped around the yard, bumping into everything
with the protruding ends, laughing the whole time!

I could go on and on, on Great Danes?
If you want more, cute 1 min or less videos here and here.

A smile for Sunday ...

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