Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 882: Merry Christmas and Sumo?

another re-cycled Christmas card collage ... from the 2nd life series

Merry Christmas!

But, I was thinking ...
what are your top three Christmas gifts, ever?
hmmmmmmm ...
A long time ago we used to wait all year for a gift.
And since I have a lot of years to choose from ...
this took discernment, elimination and brain cells.


At age 7, second grade, I got to be a brownie!
I was the only girl in our troop without a uniform.
At Christmas I got my jumper and beanie!

My Dad said he never saw a happier kid.



WonderWoman has bought me UGG's over the years,
knowing I live in them about six months of the year.

UGG's may not be flattering, but ...
they are like comfort food for your feet!


Just a week ago I received a birthday/early Christmas gift 
from former student, Roy.
He knows I love sumo! 
And so ...

Remote controlled Sumo wrestlers! How cool is that?
These will see a lot of action over the holidays!

*I know there may have been bigger gifts, 
but these were the three that stood out to me.
I really hope you'll tell me your top three?

A smile for Thursday ...

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