Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 876: Going back to workout and party!

I wrapped a gift, 
sliced pumpkin, cinnamon and pound cakes, 
charged my camera battery and ...
my gi is clean.
All this for a trip to Costa Mesa, 
and the Shito-Ryu, Gembu-Kai Dojo.
(I taught there for thirty one years.)
Current Instructor, Roy Center has kept the traditions.

Tonight is the last class of their year, 

followed by a party & strange, funny gift exchange.

I have never missed it, 33 years and counting.

This little daily blog ... started with 15 views on a good day.

 It just passed 100,000 views, so has grown a little.
I am grateful and thank you for visiting. 

A smile for Friday ...

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