Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 872: Watching Superguy fly!

"Hunk",  photo & digital collage

I love sports! 
To watch, and sometimes, to do.
I had a double major in college, PE and Art.
I have little athletic skill or talent, so my masters is in Art.
My Dad used to watch Friday night boxing, faithfully.
Having one television and no choice, I watched boxing too.
I will watch any sport.

American Sports Center, Anaheim, CA -  Home of USA Volleyball Team

Some of my favorite memories from WonderWoman's
childhood was watching her play sports.

Luckily she was blessed with athletic ability & strength,
from her father, "Thor"!

Today WW and I watched eldest "grandhunk", Jordan, fly!

He has a head start, he is 6'4'.

 After ten years in competitive basketball ...

he switched last June to his new love, volleyball.
Being a grandma is wonderful.
Watching a "grandhunk" fly, priceless!

Hope your weekend was wonderful?

A smile for Monday ...

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