Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 869: Ways to celebrate ...

&5,  3 collages, layered & digitized

I thought I might share a selection of possibilities, 
on ways to celebrate your next birthday. 
All tried and true.

1. Get picked up by WonderWoman in her WW mobile,
and get whisked off to a healthy lunch.
This birthday girl was given free choice ...
but we both settled on Mongolian Barbecue.
It's a hole in the wall with delicious fresh food.

2. Open 2 cool gifts in a shiny silver box. 

3. Exchange stories of teenage hunks, sports, girlfriends,
clients, routines and upcoming events.

4. Be delivered home safe, sound and very happy.

5. Read e-mails and FB wishes that ...
make you seem more important than you are.

6. Begin to personally thank each person 
who has taken some time from their busy day to 
wish you a Happy Birthday on FB! 
This is all noble, fine, and the mannered thing to do.
But, it does take up a a lot of time. A lot!
Maybe that's why birthdays come just once a year?

by Connie Rose

7. Open a card from mixed media artist, Connie Rose!
An exquisite stitched & fiber birthday card ...
a wonderful gift. Thank you Connie!

8. Prepare for the holidays.
I have been tip-toeing around the upcoming holidays.
They kept overshadowing "my" day. 
As one of my well wishers said today, "it's jacki long day!" 
... and I thought that had a nice ring to it!
Whether they were sarcastic or not, no matter!
But, now I am done,  and ready to commit!
Prepare for an abundance of red and green, 
a virtual plethora of holiday references ... it's on!

9. Thank you for taking time to read this little daily blog!
Side note: I have been waiting for a chance to use "plethora"!
And, Mongolian food makes me verbose!

10. Feel very, very thankful and blessed.

A smile for Friday ...

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