Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 868: HB2me

from Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams,    a digital collage

I missed out on our monthly Eastside meeting today.
A group of 8 artists who meet and share talents.
Led today by Diane Calderwood, amazing gourd artist.
Starting with raw gourds, they drew, cut, carved, stained 
and ended up with great holiday Santa candy dishes.
All under the supervision of Striker, the task master!
Artist, Erin Houghton, was so kind to share her photos.

photography by Erin Houghton

This coming Saturday & the following Saturday will be ...

A fun class limited to 12, because ... 12 easels.
The class on the 13th is sold out with a waiting list,
and the class on the 20th has 4 spots open last check.
We will be working on 30 x 40" and 24 x 36" canvases,
using paper, acrylic, markers and mixed media!
Registration for the 12/20/2014 class here.
Guaranteed fun!

On Flashback Thursday on FB ...

me @ 1  ... 100 years ago today

A smile for Thursday ...

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