Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 865: I had great plans!

journal sketch & collage

I had great plans for Sunday!
I thought I would take close-up pictures of everyone at the sale,
with their permission, of course and make ...
an ice cube collage and title it faces of the sale.
12 great artists, plus a lot of happy shoppers ...
it would have been terrific!
Didn't get done!
Below is a poor substitute from my journal.

(these are not "faces of the sale"! ;op)

Artist Libby Williamson, brought some of her goodies and ...
worked during in the free moments, making more goodies!
Artist Diane Calderwood, sewed a gazillion little intricate skins
for her gourd ocean drums while we talked.
I watched them. 
I did  ...  nothing!

what do you do when you use up al of the stamps on a page?

Somedays ... in gear,
other days, maybe stuck in neutral?

Reminder: the motto of this daily, very random blog ... "they can't all be gems!"

A smile for Monday ...

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