Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 859: A meltdown or two ...

"Concentration",  paper and junk mail collage

You were expecting some faces, right?
Well surprise!
This blog is nothing if not random.
Yesterday was a long one, and ended in a rare melt down.
I was sure none of my work was working. None!
I backed away, and slouched on the couch.
Some tv therapy should help, right?
But with Syria & other news, only worse!
Too tired, too much, ... yep, it was a meltdown.
So this night owl was in bed at 9:30 PM, as a last resort.
Today I woke at 7AM with a long list of to do's ...

printing my business cards for the upcoming events ...
but the new XP-410 wanted yellow ink please.
Then cyan ink, please. 
Then the business cards self-destructed ...
(on their precise perforated lines) inside the printer!
Some surgery was necessary, but the patient lived.
(The jury is out on the doctor!)
And it's only 10AM!

Tune in tomorrow for more of this ...
 soggy soap opera, if you've got the stomach for it?
Tomorrow will be better, I am sure of it!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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