Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 851: Another one of those days ...

"CheckerChick",  collage & acrylic on 4 x4" canvas

Another one of those days ...the kind where 
I am wondering what Day 851 can be about?

I've been working on some small canvases for ...

Saturday & Sunday, December 6 & 7, 10 -4 PM

And, last night I went to Huntington Beach for the opening ... 

photograph by Dan Kee

of ...

A beautiful show, in every way.
The last time I saw it it looked like this ...
as artist delivered their works.

photograph by Dan Kee

Tonight everyone was  dressed up and

Judith Todd's wonderful watercolors, photograph by Dan Kee

so many beautiful works, everything perfect and
... I felt so honored to be among so many fine artists.

photograph by Dan Kee

And would you believe, I forgot my camera?

Judith Todd & me, photograph by Dan Kee

Lisa and Jack Bradley, lent "Sarah" 
from their collection, and came to visit.

photography by Jack Bradley

Then, on the Huntington Beach Art League FB page ...
I found this reminder ...

and that's enough to get me  back to work! 

Hope you weekend was special!

A smile for Monday ...

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