Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 839: A little striptease?

"Mai", acrylic on foamcore, 18 x 24" on her way to the Masters Show in HB, CA

Always trying to get your attention,
but I am talking about nature this time.
It's a beautiful, cooler day in SoCal today.

looking up and out ...

Today is my "buckle down" day. Do they still say that??

I have indeed "rolled up my sleeves",
intending "to work my fingers to the bone",
"keep my nose to the grindstone", etc.
But, I also need a blog for tomorrow.

Where I live, we have lots of Eucalyptus trees.
And, I always knew someday I would do a blog about them.
Today, with a "bear load" of work to finish ...
I snuck outside.

Why? Well because Eucalyptus are so cool, of course.
They seem to shed the outer bark, but ...
they keep it and decorate with it.

They are massive, sturdy & colorful ... cool!

I took this shot looking straight up.
The sky is not bad either.

five views of Eucalyptus bark disengaging ...

Then I noticed Sam, the mailman, laughing at me.

So I quickly shot picture of the nearby roses.

Like normal people.
But it might have been too late to fool Sam.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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