Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 837: As a crow flies.

"Bali Faces", altered photo- digital collage

Amazing how sleep deprivation can ...
skew normal perspective?
At least that is my excuse for yesterday.
Today I awoke after a good night's rest ...

and the world seems doable again.

Still at OZ, up early, I took the four grand-dogs out ...
and surveyed the amazing view, 
while they took care of business.
Now this may not interest you at all, but ...

Normal view, what, you can't see it?

when I look out across the canyon ...
(about 3 miles "as a crow flies" / 5 or 6 miles by car)
from WonderWoman & Superman's Anaheim Hills home, 
I can see the Yorba Linda house where we lived for 22 years!

Closer, okay, how about now?

Haven't been there in 19 years.
We moved there when WonderWoman was 2 weeks old.

this is the best I can do!

She grew up, went to four schools living there.
A lot of good memories.

Other views from OZ

And, some pretty views here from OZ.

A smile for Monday ...

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