Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 836: A pea under the mattress?

Blessings, digital collage

Home from OZ for a few hours ...
to catch up with my significant other (the Mac Pro).
The first of three nights on a fancier Oz mattress didn't go well.
I am blaming the mattress ... 'though it was more likely me.

I started thinking about the seven tasks in the next six days,
and, well, it seemed overwhelming!
It still does in the light of day.
I don't get like this very often, but I am sure there now.

A week from now ... 
my framing will be done,
my Wednesday art group meeting will be done,
my Wednesday client meeting will be done,
my artwork donation for the CAEA auction will be delivered,
my four art pieces for the HBAC show will be delivered,
my supplies will be ready for Saturday's two master classes,
I will teach two master classes at Saddleback College,
and I will attend our annual banquet Saturday evening.
And then, I can resume my sloth-dom.
(Thank you for letting me vent.)

A smile for Sunday ...

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