Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 828: Everybody should have an Aunt MArtha!

Uncle Jerry, Aunt Martha, Grandma Beatty & Aunt Geneva, Santa Monica, CA

Everybody should have an Aunt Martha!

High School Graduation


Early years teaching

Aunt Martha was my Mom's second oldest sister.

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Martha

One of God's really special creations.

and one of two human angels in my life.

Aunt Vonda & Aunt Martha, Palm Springs, CA

Second oldest of the five girls, in a family of ten.
Four of the five girls became teachers.

I have memories of her from a very young age,
and throughout my life.

Uncle Jewell & Aunt Martha on the Queen MAry, Long Beach, CA

All special, tender and often funny memories.

Aunt Vonda & Aunt Martha on the way to the Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA

A smart, strong, kind, righteous woman ...
 with a wonderful sense of humor! 
A hero to me and loved by all.
Today is her birthday and I miss her so.
Even though I often feel her near,
especially when I do art work.

A smile for Saturday ...

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