Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 857: Okay, I give up!

Maturity2, junk mail & security envelope liner collage

Some have mentioned that I never have,
or rarely have current pictures of me on this blog.
There's a reason for that.
It's my blog and I don't like my pictures! ;op

Oh I could Photoshop myself into oblivion ...
but that's cheating, right?
Well as of today ...  I give up!
Just today, Jim sent me these photos ... 

from the party mentioned here,
with the caption, "Thought you might enjoy."
Enjoy might not be the operative word, 
but if these don't make you laugh ... check your pulse?

Some old lady and Demura Sensei


A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 856: Black Friday and a token!

Poppy, photos and digital collage

Up at 5:15 AM to be ready for my ...
Black Friday adventure.

As mentioned here, WonderWoman ...

planned a big day for us today.
It should be mentioned that Superman and

the three teenage super-hunks always spend a manly day ...
at the LA Auto Show every year, it's a tradition.
So WW picked me up at 7AM and flew us to Fashion Island.
Just as WW had promised, easy parking, no crowds, no drama.

We sailed through the elegant stores finding bargains.
An early lunch at R&D ...

then more walking, shopping and bargains.

A preface: as a child when we would travel,
or visit Disneyland or a special place ... 
the young WW would ask if she might  have a token?

We never knew where she got the term, but ...
it was so precious, the answer tended to be yes.
Today,  WW asked me if I would pick out a "token".

So I thought I would share my token!
A beautiful cotton scarf with tassels. 
This picture doesn't do it justice, but ...
it's going to be dynamite with jeans!

By 1 PM we were on PCH on the way to the beach house.
So I did my Pacific Check for you ...
 as I do whenever I am near.  It is still there.

Newport Pier,  looking south

Catalina Island 

Long Beach, Malibu,  looking north

At 2 PM WW had scheduled a manicure & pedicure
for us, which included my first deep shoulder massage.
Wow! What a great day. Thank you WW!

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 855: Start Today!

"Start Today",  Michael's ad, coupons & collage.

So often when I have real things to do ...
I want to play instead!
Childish, I think, but I am not a child.
Anyway ...
I was clearing out my e-mails, and ...
had just trashed the Michaels ad, when I thought ...

Wait! I can play with that!
I rescued the junk mail.
And I played!
So there!

Have you played today?

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 854: Happy Thanksgiving 2014

"Pods",  photography,  digital collage

A quick "blessing" story ...
I got this e-mail from WonderWoman today ...

           "Whatcha doin Black FridayWanna come with me?
You could meet me there or I could grab you ...
around 7am and we can hit Fashion Island? 
No crazy scenes. A few good deals, 
but mainly looking around....
Finish off with a yummy lunch?"

I replied ...
"Wow! Thanks! ♥
Only for and with you, it sounds too good to turn down ♥♥♥ !
Especially with you picking me up, @ 7?
 I have been been craving R&D & I have an ...
 Anthropology gift card burning "a hole in my pocket"!!!"

WonderWoman replied ...
"Yay! It's a date!!
I love this day." 


It's true.
So many and so much to be thankful for.
Below are just some of the people who bless,
or have blessed my life.

             Did you find you?It's an eye test, of sorts!
The above was made a year ago ... 
so I realized that additions were in order,
even though some of you seem to be camera shy!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving today ...

with blessings and loved ones galore.

88' today in Santa Ana, CA.  no a/c, no fans.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

the day ("WW") Erin Long Salloum earned her sho-dan black belt.

(Yep, Mom cried)

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 853: "Oh ee oh oh oh!"

"Pods",  photography,  digital collage

* totally unimportant side note: feel free to skip down:
In my work flurry, I thought today's title should be ...
"Oh ee oh oh oh!"
As it had the marching to doomsday feel I was after.
Turns out, google calls it the March of the Winkie, or
the Winkie chant from Wizard of Oz. Who new?

This place is a mess!
I have two events coming up where ...
 I will have my artwork offered for sale.

HBAL newsletter


Saturday & Sunday, December 6 & 7, 10 -4 PM

And, because most of us are on a budget of some type ...
I make some smaller more reasonable pieces.

small chunky canvases, (12) collaged with special papers as a start ...

Judi from LA asked about the procedure.
So, working hard ... collaging small heavy duty canvases,
using a variety of papers, a foam brush & and gel medium.

It would be easier to use just a few designs, but ...

even though a little harder, I prefer no repeats, more variety.

then I start adding the subject, usually faces ... in progress

Then adding faces, these are some of the starts.
Using all kinds of paper, doodads, acrylic ...
finishing up with markers and a sealer
It has finally dawned on me ...
working small is much harder, and I charge less.

Eventually, they will all be finished, right?

83' today in Santa Ana, CA.  no A/C,  no fans.

A smile for Wednesday ...