Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 825 : They gave me a hand!

Aqua O,  acrylics and ink

I know, I know .. . I should be working on a canvas!
But, they gave me a hand.

My assignment is to decorate the hand in any way I choose.
It is to signify the ...

colorful event logo above right.
Each art instructor for the event is asked to design a hand, 

using their art media, as a table centerpiece & raffle gift.
The CAEA Annual Sate Conference 
"Art: The Power to Innovate"
will be November 13 - 16, 2014 at ...

Normally, I wouldn't start till at least November, but ...
I am trying to get some things off my list.
Plus, I could photograph the process for today's blog.
Since the hand is acrylic plastic, I sanded the surface.
Next, gel medium, a foam brush and papers.

Not as easy as I had planned,

problematic skinny fingers and stuff!

To avoid glare, I didn't use a flash, 
so the colors shown appear more "orange-y" than they are. 

Just glad to be done, and check that off my list. ;op
What's on your list?

A gorgeous day, 86' in Santa Ana today ...

A Halloween-ish smile for Wednesday ...

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