Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 824: The story of the canvas and the 5 year old critic!

Dame de Chipre  (with liberties taken)

Today, Thomas La Badia and Elusive Muse, a wonderful site, offered

Resources for Artists: The Folger Digital Image Collection,

so when I should have been working, I played with a free image.

A very little story.

ARTbar, circa 2009

Years ago I used to demonstrate for the ARTbar ...
during ArtWalk at the Art District, Santa Ana, Ca.
It was fun, and I usually got some work done.
I recently came across this photo ...
and thought I'd tell the story that goes with it.
Families came by, and these kids wanted to stay, 
so their parents went on to other galleries, to return later.
As I was starting to put down a piece of paper on the canvas,
I looked up to see the young lady (maybe 5?) on the right...
 shaking her head, no. I said, no? She shook her head, no.
I moved it to another space, and checked with her.
She nodded yes, and that's where it went.
My youngest critic, and I think she was right on!

That same canvas has had several lives,

but parts of that original are still there.

Today I  re-worked that same canvas for an upcoming show.

Liberty, 24 x 24" collage on canvas

One done, two to go. By Friday.
Please cross your fingers & toes for me?

A (Halloween-ish) smile for Tuesday ...

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