Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 815: Catch up Saturday?

"Erbazzo", digital collage

Today was a day for catch-up, but I am still behind.

Ever feel like a gerbil in a wheel?
I did do a lot of things on my list.
Mailing a package at the post office was on the list.

Checking out the nearby ART WALK wasn't.
But, I'm only human, right?

Then home, laundry waiting & on list, done.
Friend/artist, Irene, kindly sent me a big box of paints,
for use in my classes or to pass on.
She is paring down and several of us are benefiting.
I decided I needed to organize it & make a place.

Not on the list. 
Then I saw things that would work better in another location.

Not on the list. 
This led to discarding boxes and stuff. Dropping a frame ... 
breaking the glass led to sweeping out the entire garage.
Yep, not on the list.

I heard myself say, "the only pressure on me, is mine."
I hate it when I am the grown-up and right.
How was your Saturday? Really, I'd like to know.

 A smile for Sunday ...

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