Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 813: Meet the Palmers!


I am a happy camper.
Not a good business woman today, but a happy camper.
Good friend, Dorothy (though we have never met),
knowing I love old photographs sent me this great photo.
And, she said I could play and share.

Edward Porter Palmer and Laurelle Palmer  (mid 1800's)

Now that's a brave lady to trust me with her Great-grandparents.
Wouldn't you like to sit down with them and just listen in?
Originally from England, they settled in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
I love the original, but did combine it with two of my collages.

Hibiscus, photography & digital collage

The second is my secret sauce, subtle, so you'll have to imagine?









Quite a departure from the beautiful original?
And, I never show clients more than three choices.
But I repeat, today I am not a good business woman.
I played while my work list sat.
Do you like any? I numbered them just in case.
I know Dorothy's top three, but how about yours?
Me? Maybe I can still fit in some work?
Thanks again, Dorothy!
Have a great day!

A smile for Friday ...

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