Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 809: "Sliding into home," ... more or less.

i-pad, digital collage

It's Sunday. I am home from Grandma TLC duty.
Grandma Tender Loving Care (actually... taxi, launder,cook).
While there, I do some playing on my i-pad (above) ...
or scribble in my journal, but don't really try  ...
to get anything done, except take care of the guys.

Yesterday's (Saturday) schedule:
Slept in till 7 AM!
Fixed french toast, fresh pineapple and strawberries.
Grandson #3 had to be at the FB field by 9:30AM.
Then I drove home to post yesterday's blog.

Back to watch the game at 11 AM.
WonderWoman and Superman came to watch the game.

Grandson 2 & 3 came with an easy-up tent & chairs.
Good to have thoughtful help, with muscle.
G#3 team won by 1 in a close, even game.
Then, G #2 to OLU for BB practice.
Pick up G#2 at 3:15 PM, home to shower & eat.
At 4 PM, deliver G#2 to Girlfriend's dinner party.
G#3 picked up at 5PM by friends parent to go to SkyZone.

Yes, a trampoline park after a full FB game in 95' heat!
G#1 is getting ready to go to Knott's Scary Farm.

At 7PM G#3 returns for $ & a sweatshirt as he and his group...
 are being treated to Knott's Scary Farm too.
Yes, this after a FB game, and two hours at Sky Zone!
All of a sudden, it's 7:15 PM and all is quiet.
Just the 4 grand-dogs and me.

I decide to read. My body decides to nap.
At 11 PM G#3 arrives home with a huge smile.
 G#2 arrives home at 11:30, followed by G#1 at 12:15.
Texted WW at 12:30 AM ... all in and safe.
Up again at 7AM to get all guys up and ...
on their way to join WonderWoman & Superman ...
at the beach for breakfast and a family get together.

Life is good.
(and busy!)

A smile for Monday ...

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