Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 807: Calm and serene?

"Bali", photography, and yes it is right side up, note people at top.

I picked today's artwork because it is calm and serene.
This was outside of a temple where ...
I rented a long skirt to cover my legs before entering.
Beautiful, lush, hot, humid, calm and serene.
Nice to remember while on Grandma TLC duty.

Friday's schedule:
• Up before 6AM, 
• Make sure 3 teenage guys are awake & up
• Take all 4 dogs out
• Fix breakfast, usually french toast & fruit
•Make sure Grandson #3 fixes a lunch to take
• Put dogs out, or in kennel, according to size.
• Leave home by 7 AM
• Take 2 guys to OLHS and 1 to St.Paul's.
• Grandma's Dr. appointment @ 9 AM
• Pick up G#3 at St. Paul's at 2:50
• Pick up G#1 & 2 at OLU at 3PM
• G#1 math tutor 3:30 - 4:30.
• Heat WonderWoman's casserole at 350' for 1 hour.
• Saute spinach to go with WW casserole.
•Take G#3 to FB practice at 4:30
• Pick up G#3 from FB at 7PM
• OLHS vs Servite HS football game at OCC is a maybe?
• A movie is also an option?
• I'm thinking that bed will be looking pretty good?

A smile for Saturday ...

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