Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 802: He said what?

"Sarah revisited",  collage, digitized. 2013

One of the many things I love about Grandson #3 is ...

This is a really cool kid. Of course I am biased.
But, if you knew him you'd say the same.

Youngest of three great grandsons, 
Zack is funny, smart and everything else.

... don't all Grandma's draw on their grandson's toes?

He used WonderWoman's phone to text himself this message ...

 I told him once,  " act all cool and stuff ...
but you're a marshmallow inside." 
He smiled and said, "don't tell anybody."

Three boys so close in age and friendship, 
there is always something funny going on.

while WonderWoman was shopping ...
Last year Zack posted this text to his Dad...

Jordan & Zack at Grandma TLC's

I am so blessed to watch this family grow.

And for the most recent adventure (click here)...

Dad, Superman, was on a business flight,
so WonderWoman sent this update photo...

Happy 14th Birthday, Zack!

I love you endlessly.

A smile for Monday ...

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