Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 801: Way back when???

"Is there ...",  digital collage, 2003

Today was a business lunch and meeting with ...
a client, and long-time friend. 
Marcia has hired me to do a large digital piece.
We have scanned 66 old black and white photos.
It will document her parents drive in a Buick Touring Car
from Ohio to California in 1925.
That was a real adventure, no main roads.
To put this in perspective, I found this clipping from 1935.

This will be a labor of love because I LOVE old photos. 
It's something about their straight forward approach and style.
I have her permission to share some of the photos.
And, I am allowed to share future work as the job progresses.

Dorothy 1895 - 1975

Some photos will not be used ...

Ohio, 1925

but some were too good not to share.
My favorite ...

Dorothy & Henry & Lake Erie  1925

 I am allowed to play with.

Dorothy & Henry & Lake Erie  1925 (played with)

Another great day in "extreme heat wave" area!
Hope you are cool and comfortable wherever you are?

A smile for Sunday ...

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