Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 799: 102' and rising?

"What is real?"  acrylics & digital collage

Hot out here ... and going up!

Higher tomorrow with no relief in sight till mid next week.
They have labelled it an extreme heat wave. Ya think?
But that didn't stop Brandy and I from an adventure.
First lunch at Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa.
Delicious and would have made good foodie photos ...
but we ate it instead.
Then on to Coastline Community College ...

a gorgeous campus, and on to the gallery, for the RIBBA 500

an unusual show, where we were allowed one entry,
any media using the specified RIBBA 500 frame from IKEA.

120 artists shared their work in ...

photography, mixed media, pastels ...

printmaking, textile compositions, drawings and more.

Jeanie Breeze

Joy Wellhorfe

I apologize for my poor photography and the glare.

Marj Lightle

Joan Skogberg Sanders

Barbara Steck

Linda Brooks

Before we left, we walked outside to see ...

Palos Verde to the distant right, and ...

What a day!

A smile for Friday ...

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