Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 792: Drumroll and a reprieve?


Two days ago on this blog ... I asked for help.
I showed 24 possibilites, scrunched together.
Some of you answered and helped. I thank you.

A 1-12

So with a tired drumroll, I show you the winners, I think.





A2 (back-up)

Now the hard part, I have to work.
When I create these little square collages, 
I just tear, arrange and play till I like it.
Since these are going to be printed and blown up large,
 I am doing necessary color correction and sharpening! UGH!
This work requires skill and is usually farmed out ... 
at $300 per hour, to people who work quick and easy.
I am doing that work, and it is neither quick or easy.

But, I got a partial reprieve. 
Our printer won't be in till Monday!
So now I change focus to tomorrow's last journal class.
Special stuff for special fun.
Happy Friday!

A smile for Friday ...

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