Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 791: Alliteration please?

Getty Daisy, photography & digital collage

You might be desperate when you pick ...
Alliteration for a blog topic?
Maybe, but I like it!
I am a Jeopardy watcher.
True friends know not to call during Jeopardy. 
And tonight the word came up and my alarm went off.
Having a very small ad agency, alliteration is a tool of the trade.

So, a few for your perusal ...

and ...


93' in Santa Ana, CA ... no a/c, 3 fans.

On Facebook I sometimes post a "Throwback Thursday" photo ...
I have decided to add that to my blog when I do.
So if it's TMI, just skip to the smile?

I was married then, but not blind!

A smile for Thursday ...

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