Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 789: If I had someone to talk to, I'd be skinny!

Hotel,  photography & digital collage

I know it sounds ridiculous ... 
but that came out of my mouth today ... 
and the blog alert alarm went off.

The day started with a complete blood work battery,
a flu shot and a serenade at Kaiser.
Kaiser has a grand piano with an invisible pianist ...
to make you wonder if you are in Nordsrom's?
Side note: I have been with Kaiser for 40 years. 
Back then if you mentioned your Kaiser health care, 
people looked at you with eyes that said "poor dear"!
That has changed big, in every way.
I took a few pictures to prove it ...

(grand piano in center)

Next on the agenda was lunch with artist, friend Brandy.
We stretched a 20 minute meal into 100+ minutes of fun,
that flew by as we looked at each others work and caught up.
Towards the end, as I packed up 1/2 of my meal to take home,
Brandy mentioned that I hadn't eaten as much as usual.
"Oh, that's because we were talking ...
if I had someone to talk to, I'd be skinny!"


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