Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 788: If you are very lucky ...

"Lucky", digital collage

If you are very lucky ...
 you have a friend who knows all your warts ...
and seems to like you anyway.

Ad & Bill
Ad & me at Crackers! (100 years ago)

Someone who helps you through hard times.
Someone you can call and know they are there for you.
Often, they are unofficial family.

Ad, my Dad, Bill

Unconditional love, yet honest enough ...
to tell you the truth when you need it.
A friend who might not see you for six months or more ...
then pick up right where you left off.

Ad & Bill

Someone to spend time with  ... doing nothing.
A friend who giggles with you over silly stuff.
Who has seen you at your very best and ...
very worst ... and is still there.

Ad & Bill

I have such a friend in Adrian.
We taught together 46 years ago. 
Wallpapered my dining room, the night of the first moon walk.
Humored me when I was pregnant and sensitive to smells.

Helped me give baby "WonderWoman" her first bath in a sink.
Helped me wrap gifts on Christmas Eve ... late!

And on and on ... so many memories.

Today is her birthday and I celebrate it, Adrian -style.

Adrian is a cat lover, so I made 10 "cat" cards ... 
to go with her little gift. 
We had a great birthday dinner at ...

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Adrian!

Yo Adrian, I love you!

A smile for Monday ...

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