Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 787: Cursive or crazy?

journal spread, 2013

I teach a journal course, so I lug in some of my old journals ...
(some of the 79 and counting) not because they are great, 
but because they are odd, fallible and fun.
They prove that anyone can journal, and in their own way.
Friday I brought an early journals to show how I started.
All handwriting, and perhaps visually boring.

journal entry, February 18, 1997

But today as I was returning it to a bookshelf, 
I wondered what did I write about back then? 
I opened and started to read, standing up.
Then I sat down to read, and decided I liked this person.
Strange to look at a time capsule and see your earlier thoughts.
So different than today, but of course it would be.

Nowadays my journals are usually colorful, messy and ...

journal spread, June 20, 2014

a barometer for whats going on my in my life at the moment.

journal spread, June  2014

Like this little blog, there are few gems ...

journal spread, September 17, 2014

but I do show up, do the work and ... 
sometimes, I like it.
Cursive or crazy?

A smile for Sunday ...

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