Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 783: Hills and valleys.

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Up from a self-imposed nap, as opposed to my "auto-naps".
I did my swimming routine at 10 AM and ... 
day class workout at 12:30.

I don't usually do both on the same day. 
But, WonderWoman calls it a double whammy, 
good for the metabolism.
She might not have meant on such a hot day.

Yesterday was Demura Sensei's birthday,
so I was a day late with my little gift and card.

Birthday card for Demura Sensei 2014

My gifts were tiny. What do you get for such a man?
He opened the card above and smiled.
He remembered that day he said.
Oh the memories that man must have.

Known for his humor,
I remember him saying once ...
that life was hills and valleys.
He gestured his hands in a 
wave-like motion.
Now that I have lived many years, 
I agree, but onetime asked
if there might not be some tunnels
under some of those valleys?

95' in Santa Ana, CA ... no a/c, 3 fans ...

A smile for Wednesday ...

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