Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 780: A pickled brain?

"Janine", 30x40" collage on canvas, in progress (Dawn" 12x12" in corner)

It all started with me waking up at 4 AM,

deciding to cut paper for my 10 AM class.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Now 16 hours later my brain seems pickled?
 I took lots of class pictures ...

canvas, gel medium, papers galore, all supplied ...
 and so the work begins.

Encouraged to bring a photo, but some provided,
 these are just the starting points.
In the beginning it's hard to see ...

but gradually, within the 3 hour class ...

paper portraits begin to happen on the canvas.

Not all were completed ...

but progress was well underway ...

each with an individual touch.

Some I missed, and some I missed a final picture ...

some required more detail work.

The work was amazing to me.

There are plans for longer classes & bigger canvas!

Normally I would be posting the first name of each artist,
but you'll have to forgive me, I seem to have a pickled brain. 
Hopefully some sleep will bring me back to my normal.
Hope you are rested and having a great weekend?

A smile for Sunday ...

(smile for your dental hygienist)

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