Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 779: It was a flurry of ...

junk mail collage

It was a flurry of activities.
Today was the second week of the four week Journal class.
A great group. 
I think my Catalyst boss, Rebecca screens them,
allowing only the really fun, cool & creative admission.
Well it seems like that.

Everywhere you looked ...

there was neat stuff going on.

Collage, in many forms.

then acrylic faces ...

using only a credit card!

And, I kept forgetting to photograph, so there were more!

by Leslie

Each week is different.

Next week we will be focusing on travel 
and making ... oh well, you'll see.

It's warm here ...

Tomorrow is the Portrait Class ...
collaging a face on canvas.
Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend.
A smile for Saturday ...

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