Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 777: What would Scooby Do?

junk mail collage

I saw a bumper sticker today ...
"What would Scooby Do?"
And I thought, there's my blog title for #777.

You are thinking I've lost it, right?
Well, I am a Great Dane lover.
 My heart stops when I see one, still.

 I have had four "ScoobyDo's" in my life.
Meet Shogun.

Seven week old Shogun & four year old future WonderWoman.
Great Danes grow a pound a day. Gentle giants.
And to survive their "puppy stage" is amazing.

Shogun & his pillow in the VW van

One year old Shogun and his volleyball.
As a puppy, Shogun pulled up a newly planted 7' tree ...
and ran around the yard with it, smiling the whole time.

Six year old Jr. WW & 2 year old Shogun.

A best friend. I miss him still.

A smile for Thursday ...

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