Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 773: ... like a pair of comfortable sox?

Sensei says I am a geranium ...

Earlier today WonderWoman said to me ...
she thought it was kind of amazing that 
I had a new blog every day, so many days in a row.
I admitted that it is a challenge. 
And to myself, I felt that today my tank was empty.
I solved the problem by reading the paper and ...
taking an "auto-nap".

I have been tired lately, so decided to go to bed early.
Thinking I might wake up early with an idea? But first,
I checked in with my significant other, (my Mac Pro) ...
and saw blog comments.
I don't get many, and being pleased, I responded.

Dear Lynn commented about Day 771 ...
where I mentioned the possibility of changing my 
blog banner (below) after 771 consecutive days.
Lynn, always wise and funny said ...

"Have your given any more thought to changing your cover collage?  My thought would be you have so many gorgeous ones to chose from how will you go about eliminating?  I suppose you could do a totally new one just for the big change or you could leave it and consider it a trademark  ;-)"

And I replied ...

"Thank you Lynn! I think I'll probably do the latter. I know I might be able to round up something maybe better, but this one is kinda like a pair of comfortable sox. Oh, I feel a blog coming on. ;o) 
Thank you again Lynn, I had no idea what to do for tomorrow's #773!"

This is true for me. 
As I look around at my office, my home, my stuff ... 
there are so many things that could stand up-dating,
re-arranging, even re-painting. And I might!
But for now, they are like a pair of comfortable sox!
Thank you Lynn!

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