Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 763: The back story ...

junk mail, phone book and pattern collage

So dear, I had to share.
A week ago, Lake Forest Films premiered The Real Miyagi.
A documentary about the life of Sensei Fumio Demura.
Though mentioned in an earlier blog, this is the back story.

A large stadium theater was filled to capacity ...
with celebrities and we ordinaries.

I need to mention that my son-in-law picked our seats ...
as high up as possible. It has bearing on this story.
The film was filled with laughter and emotion, 
and well received by the large crowd.

Because of our questionable location ...
we were among the last the leave the theater.
The huge crowd filed out through ...
 the long, twisting, dark maze of hallways.
We were moving at a snails pace.
My son in law has the patience of a gnat and ...
I am claustrophobic, so also no angel.
We were making comments and giving each other looks.
Really!  We weren't moving!

 Finally we could see light, literally at the end of the tunnel.
As we approached the lobby we saw the people stopping ...
and the  reason for the delay.
Demura Sensei stood outside the door, 
thanking each and every person for coming!
I teased him the next day at class, that it was like a wedding.
He said " I just wanted to thank them."

This tells you as much about the man as the movie. 
(Official movie trailer here)

A smile for Thursday ...

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