Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 760: It seems an explanation is in order ?

junk mail &  citrasolv paper collage

It seems an explanation is in order, but I'll keep it brief.
I was asked recently about my blog format?
I post every day, some better than others, but I do show up.
And, it has evolved into basically three sections.

First, at the top is my art work, some better than others.
*Some people have said they enjoy the art ...
but aren't interested in the personal stuff.

Second or middle, is whatever is going on in my life.
It is random, and you (and I) never know what it will be?
I have journaled for most of my life, so this ...
is a hopefully brief form of that.

Third, at the bottom, is a smile for the day.

And, that's all folks!

A smile for Monday ...

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