Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 744: Home for an hour!

The Guys, an old photo in a digital collage

What can I do in an hour?
Today started with fixing breakfast ... 
french toast and bacon for hungry teenage boys.
Then taking two guys with me to a pre-scheduled P/T appt.
I had envisioned Kaiser kicking us out for rough-housing ...
but they were angelic in the waiting room.
Then we picked up two more teenage boys and 
finally ordered from a drive through and 
brought home ... health food! ( ha-ha-ha-ha-ha )

We all ate.
Then I left four guys and four dogs ....
transfixed in front of a big screen tv,
while I headed out to a pre-scheduled dr. app't.
Low on fuel, I got gas. 
Now I am home but must leave to be back to pick 
up youngest Grandson for football practice.
Then there will be more feeding, and on and on.
But, I am blessed to be able to do GTLC duty...
(Grandma tender-loving-care / aka ... taxi-launder-cook!)
Good grand-dogs, grandsons and their good friends.
Life is good.

A smile for Saturday ...

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