Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 742: Nirvana, namaste & all that jazz!

Lotus, original photography

As you may know, daughter, WonderWoman ...
is always urging me to walk, swim, go to class, move!
Today I had planned on day class, 
but a client call caused a delay in my plans ...
and I ended up in the pool.
I did my laps, katas, kihon and on to the jacuzzi.
The latter to take care of lactic acid, right Kristie?

my view from the jacuzzi

And it was there, 
with my head back on the warm concrete coping,
my arms floating on top of bubbling hot water,
the adjacent waterfall providing a soundtrack,
looking up at the bluest sky ever ...

my view straight up, from the jacuzzi

I found ten minutes of bliss.
No thoughts. 
Then the timer went off and ...
I levitated out in a blur to reset.
Ten more minutes.

A very good day.

A smile for Thursday ...

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