Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 737: Fair-ly done.

junk mail & magazine collage

Home at 9 PM after my day at O.C. Fair ...
and I am indeed, FAIR-ly done!
And so, in this diminished state,
 I am asking for your patience & understanding?

Please let me preface, that demonstrators at OCF
park in the Adams Lot at nearby Orange Coast College
and catch a shuttle to the Fair. TMI?
That would be okay, but I had a rolling cart, 
a bag of 18 x 24" display posters and the 30 x 40" canvas,
to haul on and off the shuttle.  
And, maneuver in and out through a mass of humanity. 

Knowing this, I wisely went two hours early ...
so I could drop my stuff and see the Fair.
I took 98 photos before I started the collage demo.
Some are pretty good* and I will post them tomorrow.
(*Check out the animals and food tomorrow)
But, today I will just show today's demo.

Chloe's Mom, Janine

I took this photo years ago, at the Fair, as Janine asked ...
"what kind of camera?".  I love this photo.
Last May I started painting it on a 30 x 40" canvas.
I did a blog about it then, here
The painting looked like this ...

"Janine" as she went to the Fair

I stopped work. ;op
Today, under pressure, I tried to save it  ...

photo by Leslie Gumtz Bradley

with collage.

I like her better.

Have a great weekend!

A smile for Saturday ...

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