Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 766: Within ...

"Within",  phone book & junk mail collage

While on Grandma TLC duty
I often post on my Instagram account.
Recently, I posted the above junk mail collage, digitized ...
and asked for a title?
Amy of fourcornersdesign came up with the winner ...
Thank you  Amy!

My first full day home from the big house to this tiny one,
and I am already behind. 
I guess I wasn't expecting September so soon?
Summer is done? Already?
And, my teaching schedule starts again this week.
(Just in case you're in the neighborhood and interested)

* Direct link sign-up for either/both classes at ...

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 765: Almost home.

junk mail collage

Up before the sun at 5:55AM ...

on my last busy Grandma TLC day, a very full one.

WonderWoman & Superman have loved Gotham.

And their 19th anniversary in Central Park.

They are on their way home.

And, we 8 homebodies have survived.
Life is good.

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 764: The challenge.

shoes, digital collage

I was challenged to tell a secret?
A real secret.
I get hurt too easy.
I hate to admit it.
I wish I didn't.
But I do.
It's a flaw.
I try to put up a strong front. 
I think I fool most people.
But just below that thin mask ...
 I hurt.
Usually the hurter doesn't know.
And often, it shouldn't hurt.
But, often it does.

Something posted on FB ...
possibly not about me ...
 hurt, as if directed to me.
Enough so that I had this uneasy feeling all day.
Does anyone else get that?
Where you feel funny and have to ...
trace back to see why?

Way too much "TMI"!
I apologize, I won't get this personal again.
An ice bucket challenge would've been easier. ;oD
And, more entertaining.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 763: The back story ...

junk mail, phone book and pattern collage

So dear, I had to share.
A week ago, Lake Forest Films premiered The Real Miyagi.
A documentary about the life of Sensei Fumio Demura.
Though mentioned in an earlier blog, this is the back story.

A large stadium theater was filled to capacity ...
with celebrities and we ordinaries.

I need to mention that my son-in-law picked our seats ...
as high up as possible. It has bearing on this story.
The film was filled with laughter and emotion, 
and well received by the large crowd.

Because of our questionable location ...
we were among the last the leave the theater.
The huge crowd filed out through ...
 the long, twisting, dark maze of hallways.
We were moving at a snails pace.
My son in law has the patience of a gnat and ...
I am claustrophobic, so also no angel.
We were making comments and giving each other looks.
Really!  We weren't moving!

 Finally we could see light, literally at the end of the tunnel.
As we approached the lobby we saw the people stopping ...
and the  reason for the delay.
Demura Sensei stood outside the door, 
thanking each and every person for coming!
I teased him the next day at class, that it was like a wedding.
He said " I just wanted to thank them."

This tells you as much about the man as the movie. 
(Official movie trailer here)

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 762 : We can do it! Repeat, We CAN do it!!!

envelope lining, junk mail & citrasolv paper collage

Grandma TLC has a schedule!
And that's a good thing!

Up just before 6 AM!!!
Make sure Grandson 1 & 2 are up and fed.
Leave by 7 to have them at school before 7:30AM.
Home to my tiny house to do this blog.
Back to big house by 9AM to feed Grandson 3 and ...
take the 4 granddogs out!
I worked on some collages in the study until ...
"G3" asked me to come sit with him.
He was playing a video game, with lightning reaction,
 dizzying action, great graphics and so realistic, wow. 
This was his form of resting up for 3 hours of FB practice.
Picked up "G1 & 2" at 3:30 and drop a friend off 
on the way to the 4 PM dentist appointment.
Back to pick up G3 and take to FB practice.
Back to dentist @ 5PM, picked up G1 & 2 ...
 brought home to feed both.
G1 had loads of homework, and disappeared into the study.
G2 & I left home @ 6:30 for basketball practice 7:00 - 9 PM.
The traffic was horrendous.
Dropped G2 off at ASCpicked up G3 to come home & feed.
Back to ASC for G2 at 9:20 PM and home for his homework.
G1 finished 5 hours homework, honest!
Oh, and did I mention laundry? Lots of laundry!
All 8 of us more than ready for bed by 11 PM.
Another busy day tomorrow.
If you ever wondered why I call my daughter ...
"WonderWoman", this is a big part of it.
I tell the guys, "Your Mom makes this look easy ...
but it's not easy! 
But ...

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 761: 4 + 3 + "GTLC" ...

junk mail &  citrasolv paper collage

It's on!
 I am back at the big house on "GTLC" duty.
(Grandma TLC ="Tender-Loving-Care / Taxi-Launder-Cook")
      I've been blessed to watch these guys grow up from ...

to ...

So while WonderWoman & Superman are in Gotham,
getting ready to celebrate their 19th anniversary tomorrow,
we are busy here.

4 dogs so excited ...

the 2 oldest guys , (sophomore & junior) are in 3rd week of school,
youngest doesn't start 8th grade till next week, but has ...

he's the cute one!

football practice!
Then there is a dentist appointment, 
after-school basketball practice, homework.
And so it goes.
Just 4 dogs, 3 guys and GTLC.
More tomorrow.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 760: It seems an explanation is in order ?

junk mail &  citrasolv paper collage

It seems an explanation is in order, but I'll keep it brief.
I was asked recently about my blog format?
I post every day, some better than others, but I do show up.
And, it has evolved into basically three sections.

First, at the top is my art work, some better than others.
*Some people have said they enjoy the art ...
but aren't interested in the personal stuff.

Second or middle, is whatever is going on in my life.
It is random, and you (and I) never know what it will be?
I have journaled for most of my life, so this ...
is a hopefully brief form of that.

Third, at the bottom, is a smile for the day.

And, that's all folks!

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 759: A GRAND opening!

junk mail & citrasolv paper collage

I drove to Riverside today for the ...

an established group of Karate practitioners in a new home.

A really GRAND opening!

Welcomed by hard working members who ...

have worked so hard to establish their own dojo.

Many visitors and future students arrived.

Kids got to try "Karate"!

Karate-ka came from Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Norco, 
Mira Loma, Tustin Ranch, Moreno Valley, Los Angeles ...

and more to train in this beautiful new Genbu-Kai dojo.

Sometimes, a hard work out!

Sometimes, raffle prizes!

Great people!

And, crazy fun!

Demura Sensei is traveling & hasn't visited this dojo yet ...

but when he does, he will be happy.

Congratulations to Genbu-Kai Riverside!

A smile for Sunday ...