Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 733: How did you get into that?

junk mail collage

A dear lady, who I greatly respect, asked ...
 "How did you get into that?"
That, meaning karate. 
And that has been asked a lot.

Me, always looking for the next blog, thought 
this may be in the TMI category, but okay?

Earliest memory ... at age 8 ... fascinated, 
seeing men in white suits doing something (?)
inside a store-front on Sunset Boulevard, 
as my Dad drove us to the Ontra Cafeteria.
I didn't know what they were doing or why ...
but I wanted to know more even then.

Each trip, I would perk up blocks ahead, ready to peek in.
This keen interest remained on the back burner
 for the next 22 years, with no option to discover more.

Later, living & teaching in Riverside, I took classes at UCR.
A strong karate program was growing ... and I was hooked.
I trained five nights a week, plus four hours on Saturday.
This was after teaching junior high school all day.
There weren't many women then, no concessions were made.
I wasn't skilled, but I loved it and I still do.
That's the how.

 The why is more important.
For forty three years I have studied traditional Japanese karate.
Originally, Shoto-Kan at UCR with Sensei Ray Dalke, then
Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai, and Genbu-Kai with Demura Sensei.

Dojo kun, Demura Sensei's calligraphy

Yes, karate is physically demanding, pushing limits,
requiring self-discipline, bravery and endurance. 
But we work to conquer ourselves, not others.

But, even more important is the respect, manners, honor,
gentility, loyalty, and especially humility.
These are important to me.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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